Project Name Date/Time Due Estimator
Grand Traverse Blair Twp. Well #4 Iron Removal Facility 7/17/18 at 1:00pm EST Tom Tacey
CMU East Complex Saxe & Herrig Make Up Air Unit Remodel 7/18/18 at 1:00pm EST Bruce Wenzlick
Shiawassee River State Game Area Auxiliary Pump Station 7/18/18 at 2:00pm EST Marty Schlitt
Valley Lutheran High School – Additions & Renovations 7/18/18 at 3:30pm EST Bruce Wenzlick
UM & St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Joint Venture – Suite 201 7/19/18 at 2:00pm EST Dan Boswell
UM Hospital – Ann Arbor – Unit 4 Level 6 Transplant Offices 7/20/18 at 12:00pm EST Dan Boswell
3000 Town Center Chiller Plant Replacement 7/20/18 at 1:00pm EST Tom Roehrig
St. John – Moross – Surgery Renovation – BP #1 7/20/18 at 3:00pm EST Frank Jendrzejewski
Toyota – Ann Arbor – Powertrain EVAL 7/20/18 at 3:00pm EST Dan Dresselhouse
UM – Ann Arbor – Krauss Bldg Demo 7/23/18 at 11:00am EST Dan Boswell
UBS Detroit – Fit-Out 7/23/18 at 4:00pm EST Tom Roehrig
City of Mt. Pleasant – Chemical Containment Building 7/24/18 at 11:00am EST Marty Schlitt
DTE – Detroit – GO Tunnel Upgrade 7/24/18 at 12:00pm EST Dan Dresselhouse
MSU Duffy Daughtery 7/24/18 at 12:00pm EST Jeff Daigle
UM – Ann Arbor – 400 North Ingalls Bldg – Level G Room 7/24/18 at 3:00pm EST Will Balden
UM – Ann Arbor – Chemistry 2706-2708-2537 Mech Reno 7/25/18 at 3:00pm EST Dan Boswell
DTE – GO 4th Floor Renovation 7/27/18 at 2:00pm EST Peter Fulan
MSU Hardisty Lab 7/30/18 at 12:00pm EST Gregg Alchin
MI Virtual Delta Township 7/30/18 at 2:00pm EST Doug Voorheis
McLaren Macomb – NW Addition & Renovation – BP #3 7/31/18 at 10:00am EST Jim McGrew
GLWA-CON-252-Springwells Steam, Cond, & CA Piping Improve 7/31/18 at 11:00am EST Doug Whyte
EMU – Ypsi – Student Athlete Performance & Success Center – BP 2 7/31/18 at 1:00pm EST Tom Roehrig
UM – Ann Arbor – Phoenix Lab Solid State Dry Room 8/1/18 at 12:00pm EST Dan Boswell
WCC – Ypsilanti – RFB BFB 6051 – Boiler AHU Replace 8/8/18 at 2:00pm EST Dan Boswell
GLWA 297 – Detroit – Fairview Pump Station 8/24/18 at 12:00pm EST Doug Whyte

This bid list is our request for minority, small, disadvantaged, veteran owned, service disabled and Detroit based business participation. We welcome your participation on all projects. Please note on your quotation if you are classified as such. Such classification must be currently on file with Federal, State and Local Authorities.

John E. Green Company (“JEG”) does not make and hereby disclaims any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, scale or completeness of any of the attached information, including, but not limited to, advertisement for bid, instructions to bidders, any other bid document, proposals, drawings, and addenda. All of the attached or referenced information should be independently verified for accuracy, scale and completeness by each subcontractor and supplier. JEG shall have no liability resulting from or related to the use of the attached or referenced information or any inaccuracy contained within the information.

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