John E. Green Company is certified against the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems. These Systems are used to effectively manage the interrelated parts of the Company to meet specific service, operational, and environmental objectives.

Training in these management systems is ongoing for all employees however you should understand and follow these Corporate Policies:

  • John E. Green Company’s mission is “TO BE THE BEST AT WHAT WE DO”. Committed to the best possible performance, John E. Green Company (JEG) is certified against the
    international quality standard ISO 9001:2015 and environmental standard ISO 14001:2015. Our Quality and Environmental Management Systems (QEMS) and environmental aspects and impacts relate to the following business activities:
  • Full service mechanical contractor providing engineering, design, fabrication, construction, installation, maintenance, and commissioning of all types of mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and fire suppression systems for automotive, commercial, industrial, healthcare, municipal, and educational customers, and business partners.

The team at John E. Green Company is committed to:

  • The continual improvement of the QEMS and all processes referenced by the QEMS.
  • Satisfying applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Setting and reviewing measurable quality objectives and ensuring that they are met.
  • Every employee being responsible for the quality of their own work and having the authority to identify nonconformities.
  • Continual improvement of environmental performance.
  • The prevention of pollution.
  • Compliance with relevant Federal and State environmental legislation and other environmental requirements relating to our business activities.
  • The setting, review, and progression towards environmental objectives and targets set at management reviews.
  • The promotion and development of environmental best practice.

This policy is communicated in the Employee Manual during new hires and made available electronically both on the JEG SharePoint site to all system users and the JEG public website. This policy statement is reviewed at periodic ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 management reviews for its continued suitability. This policy is available to all interested parties upon request.

Michael J. Green
President & Chief Executive Officer

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