John E. Green Company (JEG) supports the philosophy of an Injury Free Workplace. JEG safety policy requires the removal of any barriers that could prevent a zero incident/accident jobsite.

JEG believes that every accident is preventable through proper training, planning and astute hazard recognition. JEG expects all operations to be performed on an organized worksite in a productive and workmanlike manner.

All JEG employees are expected to demonstrate safe work habits and should expect the same from their coworkers and supervisors, regardless of position or trade. JEG emphasizes that such factors as schedule, cost, and/or production, shall not prevent appropriate safety procedures, tools and equipment from being utilized.

Safety standards established in the JEG Corporate Safety Manual are to be considered as minimum standards. Project Managers and Site Supervisors are expected to impose more stringent standards if conditions warrant such action.

An Injury Free Workplace gives JEG the best opportunity to perform at its highest level on the job site, thus reaching our ultimate goal of employees returning home safely while ensuring a satisfied customer and a profitable job.

An Injury Free Workplace will be achieved through proper site and task plans, individual safety awareness, and safe work habits, along with continued training. JEG will maintain its status as an industry leader in safety management through benchmarking, statistical analysis and recognition programs that will continue to be a part of JEG’s effort toward an Injury Free Workplace.

Michael J. Green
President & Chief Executive Officer

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